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Personal blog of Sampo Rapeli

In this personal blog, I write about things I'm interested in, like computers, keyboards, and technology in general. If you'd like to get updates, please join this Telegram channel.

I'll take zero stress about posting here, so you shouldn't expect regular posts 🙂

You'll find my website at

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Technical details

I’ve built this blog using python, markdown, and jinja2 templates. I write the post content in markdown, which is then converted to HTML and added to the jinja2 template. My python script generates static HTML documents, which means that there is no need to run any backend for the blog (except nginx, which hosts my website all the time anyway).

In addition to not needing a separate backend server, this blog aims to be minimal, fast, and functioning. Everything is plain HTML, styled with a bit of CSS. No external resources like web fonts or javascript is needed except self-hosted Plausible analytics. If you prefer not to end up in my anonymous statistics, you may opt out by disabling JavaScript for this site.

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